Sir Syed Residency team stand by Aamir Khan on the of Intolerance

Sir Syed Residency team stand by Aamir Khan on the of Intolerance

  Posted on December 3, 2015    Posted in Uncategorised

Sir Syed Residency team is shocked with the way people are reacting to what superstar Aamir Khan’s film maker wife Kiran Rao has said. Sir Syed Residency feels that there is no need to create hype about the statements made by Amir’s wife as getting worried about the safety and security of your children is the top most priority of every parent.

Mr.Perfectionist of Bollywood feel disappointed as people silently support evil practises as this helps in increasing crime. The team also feels that intolerance is the biggest threat to our democracy.

Communalist powers of our country are play with the sentiments of innocents and are trying their best to divide people in the name of beef and religion. These people are threat to the world’s largest democratic system as they try to lynching people and capture the system of India.

We at Sir Sir Syed Residency support the thought of Aamir Khan where he feel, that India now needs good and efficient people in the field of politics, economy, media, environment and many more sectors as these issues are related to the growth of every single person.

Today we require people who can cleverly contribute in the field of art, science, education, fighting for peace and healthy environment. It feels bad when highly educated people support illiterate and insensitive leaders. Media is playing significant role in highlighting those who are spreading hatred between communities, blunt remarks on artists, abusing women, poor and weaker people of the society.

Sir Syed Residency team respects superstar Aamir Khan for his flawless work in films. Aamir Khan always deliver the message of creating peace and maintaining communal harmony in the country through his films like Ghulam, Sarfarosh, Lagaan, Peepli Live, Mangal pandey, Taare Zameen Par and his television show Satyamev Jayate which played an important role in stopping various malpractices going in our country from ages.

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